Camera Cafe, Museum Street

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September 3, 2013 by indiecafes2013

Cameras and Cafes are two of Cafes That Are Not Franchises’ favourite things, so we were very happy to stumble across Camera Cafe a stone’s throw from the British Museum.

Camera CafeCamera Cafe manages to be a tiny Aladdin’s cave of second hand camera equipment – the sort with old fashioned glass-fronted cabinets – and somehow  cram in a cafe too.

The coffee is Lavazza, the tables quite small. But service is very friendly, there’s free WiFi and in addition to a modest range of panini, pastries and biscuits they do bowls of noodle soup.

Camera CafeIf you are into cameras there’s lots to look at while your coffee cools: old film bodies, digital cameras that were once state for the art, lenses, all sorts of accessories and a little notice board where people can pin their cards.

But even if cameras aren’t your thing, the off beat atmosphere makes this cafe one of London’s little gems.

And of course you get loads of Cafes That Are Not Franchises bonus points for finding an independent cafe so close to a major tourist attraction – with all its mediocre catering.

There’s another little treat in Museum Street, although not strictly a cafe. Abeno a few doors down serves okonomoyaki – savoury Japanese pancakes – that are just the thing to fill you with a warm glow on a cold day.

Camera Cafe

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