The Guardian Cafe, Shoreditch

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October 30, 2013 by indiecafes2013

If the Guardian was a cafe instead of a newspaper it would be …. The Guardian Cafe.

The Guardian caused a bit of a stir earlier this year when it opened a cafe in a shipping container at the Shoreditch Boxpark. “What the Hell was a trendy lefty newspaper doing opening a cafe, when it was already losing a million pounds a week” asked not-exactly left-of-centre blogger Guido Fawkes?

The answer lies in its name: #guardiancoffee. The cafe is all about promoting the Guardian’s brand as it blazes a trail in the world of online journalism. Something it’s doing quite well. Shoreditch, spitting distance from the financial heart of The City, is a byword for all that is achingly hipsterrish in London, or the “creative technology community” as everyone from major Boris Johnson to the Guardian calls it. Shipping containers are the answer to the world’s social ills. Trendy cafes are in no danger of losing their association with the chattering classes. Blah, blah. you get the picture.

Oh, you don’t? Well here are some pictures:


#guardiancoffee is indeed the Guardian brand translated into a cafe: The menu board is straight from the graphics desk style book. The furniture is pale oak. The faux delph wallpaper is ironic modern scenes of Shoreditch life – including what appears to be Guardian head of technology Jemima Kiss emerging from a cup of Joe. There’s an infographic screen on the wall. The filter coffee – a bit weak for our tastes – comes in a brandy balloon. The sugar is brown. The light bulbs are bare.20130924_2446

And there’s a iPad pod in the middle of every table – so don’t expect to be able to spread out your stuffy old dead tree-based newspapers for a good read, Granddad. It’s all about apps here.

20130924_2449The coffee is actually provided by Nude Esspresso, who normally ply their trade in Soho Square and Hanbury Street.

Is it the best cafe in Shoreditch? We’re not convinced, but we love it – ironically of course. Very, very ironically.

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